Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Day for Rove Watchers

Majikthise has an exchange from today's This Week on ABC in which Karl Rove tries unsuccessfully to weasel away from identification as an unofficial advisor to the McCain campaign.

Meanwhile, TPM has a video clip from the same interview in which Rove bobs and weaves when pressed by George Stephanopolous on his role in the Siegelman prosecution.

Given that Rove has been subpoened by the House Judiciary Committee to testify on the latter, I wonder why he consented to this interview. Granted, he’s not under oath in this venue, but surely he must have expected to be asked about these issues. Is it that he’s so arrogant as to suppose that neither the media or Congress can touch him? Did he consent to the interview as a practice run for his congressional appearance, knowing there was no legal jeopardy for him in today’s appearance? Did he see the interview as an opportunity to feed a self-serving argument to his base? Or was it something else entirely?

Any thoughts on this?

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