Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Katrina, Economic Version

I've scoured the web for commentary by economists and others on the collapse of the U.S. finance industry (and economy in general) so you don't have to:


Brad DeLong: Mark Thoma Is a Leading Indicator

Economist’s View (Mark Thoma): An Overview of the Crisis and What to Do about It (

Paul Krugman: Crisis Endgame

Brad DeLong: Thoughts on the Big Buyout

Thomas Palley: The Liquidation Trap

Econobrowser (Menzie Chinn): Some Observations on the Ongoing Crisis: Causes and Opportunity Cost Again

Brad DeLong: Understanding the Three Ways of Dealing with Financial Crises

Capital Gains and Games (Andrew Samwick): The Ownership Society, International Edition

Paulson’s bailout proposal

Calculated Risk: Bailout Proposal

Objections to the Paulson bailout plan

Daily Kos (gjohnsit): What in the Hell Just Happened?

emptywheel (Marcy Wheeler): No

Glenn Greenwald: The complete (though ever-changing) elite consensus over the financial collapse

Paul Krugman: No Deal

Mark Kleiman: Paulson Channels Cheney

Tyler Cowen: Luigi Zingales on the Paulson Bailout—Kazow!

Capital Gains and Games (Andrew Samwick): Financial Frustration

The Edge of the American West: New Deal or No Deal

Matt Stoller: If a Legal Armed Robbery Happens in Front of Everyone, Does It Make a Sound?


Dean Baker: Progressive Conditions for a Bailout

Matthew Yglesias: Mallaby: This Deal Stinks

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