Monday, January 12, 2009

Surveying the Wreckage, Part 576

To get some idea of the sheer scale of the damage Bush & his cronies have done to our government for the past 8 years, take a look at this article in The American Prospect:

It's funny, but although the Prospect compiled quite a list, it somehow feels light. I'm sure there are many more atrocities, blunders and disasters in every category. I guess they had to narrow it down to meet length limits. I have a feeling we'll be mining this particular lode for the rest of our lives. I can't associate the term "productive" with the Bush maladministration, but they certainly have been industrious.

Did you hear that our soon-to-be-retiring (ahem) chief executive, not content to give farewell interview after interview, is now going to infest the airwaves with a farewell speech tomorrow [Correction--It'll be on Thursday.]? Like Sara Palin, he keeps burbling up into media coverage like a backed up toilet. Maybe all this frantic, last-minute self-promotion reflects a defensiveness over the overwhelming consensus that his administration has been a giant train wreck. Understanding is not justification, however. We've endured his idiocy for way too long. The least he can do is summon up enough grace to shut the hell up & sink back into the primordial swamp from whence he came. Kathy G says it all...

Special thanks for the tip to Avram & Linda.

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