Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Volunteers Needed for Health Care Events

Blue Double Cross underway. Mission: Kill Health Care Reform at any cost

Insurers are gearing up for a major smear campaign to block the public option — the most crucial part of health care reform. Why? They are scared of losing business to a competitor that offers quality and affordable care without the hassles.

We must fight back with our stories - denials of treatments, choice of doctors, medications - of health care when we needed it the most. Go to our facebook group, 47 million strong for health care reform , share your story, and pass it on to everyone you know. Every story makes a difference!


1. Stand UP for Health Care - Postcard Tabling Events - Sat, May 30th to Sun, June 7th
Join NYCforChange in mobilizing our neighbors to support the public plan option by sharing their personal stories on postcards to Congress. Postcards will be given to key members of Congress at face to face meetings on June 10th.

*Upper West Side, Sat, May 30th - - Starbucks on 103rd and Broadway, 12 to 3 PM - RSVP: nina.agrawal07@gmail.com
*Morningside Heights, Sat, May 30th -- 109th and Amsterdam, 1 to 3 PM, RSVP: andrewsdavies@gmail.com
*Washington Heights, Sat, June 6th, RSVP: amymiller3@gmail.com
*Brooklyn, Sun, June 7th, RSVP: taniazsk@gmail.com

*Volunteers Needed! Please volunteer to host a tabling event in your neighborhood. Contact amymiller3@gmail.com

2. Health Care Reform Teach-In - The good, the bad, and what the heck? - Wed, June 3rd
Learn about the public plan option - the most controversial and crucial part of health care reform. Tim Foley, Change.org heath policy blogger, will give key messaging points about the public plan and other hot health care topics. Details TBA.


Asian American Heritage Month House Party - Sunday, May 31th, 3:30-6:00 pm
Featuring a conference call with Konrad Ng, Obama's brother in law, Tammy Duckworth and other officials from the Obama Administration. Tim Foley, will be speaking about health care reform and how you can help make it happen. Sponsored by Asian Americans for Progress - Home of Virginia Davies --299 West 12th Street, Penthouse, NYC - RSVP: t_thanjan@yahoo.com

National Physician's Alliance - NY Local Action Network meeting - Tuesday, June 2nd
Find out about upcoming health care for all advocacy activities for physicians - RSVP: dr.manelsilva@gmail.com

SAVE THE DATE - National Health Care for America NOW lobby day in D.C.
- June 25th
For more info, contact metrohealth@igc.org

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