Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Message from Daily Kos on the Wisconsin Vote

The following message was sent to a friend of mine. It has taken on particular urgency given the Wisconsin Senate's vote tonight to end collective bargaining in that state, which is why I'm taking the liberty of re-posting excerpts from it:

You can support the recall [against Republican state Senators, ed.] by contributing to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which is the central organizing hub for the campaign. The DPW has already gathered 15% of the petition signatures required to force a recall election.

Please, contribute $5 to the recall.


The outcome of these recall campaigns will largely determine whether those who make policy decisions believe there is any political price to pay for gutting the middle class. So even beyond the rights of tens of thousands of public workers in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere, the stakes in the Wisconsin recall campaign are very high.

Please contribute $5 to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. If we do not complete even this first crucial step in winning the recall elections, then all of our efforts over these past three weeks will largely be for naught.

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