Monday, August 11, 2008

The Crisis in Georgia--Links to Sources

Here are links to various sources on the crisis in Georgia. Please feel free to provide your own in Comments below. I’ll add to the list when time allows. I offer this list on the theory that an informed citizenry is necesssary to the survival of democracy, not to mention individual agency.

American Footprints

Crisis in Georgia: Frozen Conflicts and U.S.-Russian Relations

Analysis: roots of the conflict between Georgia, South Ossetia and Russia

More on the Conflict in Georgia - Updated

Territorial integrity norms

David R. Stone: Blowback in South Ossetia

Georgia: Russia demands to be regarded as number one

The other struggle Part Three - The New New World Order

Lonely Night in Georgia

Here are a couple of commentaries from the Moscow Times (h/t Steve Brant):

The Failure of Realpolitik

Finding Out Who's To Blame For This War

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