Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is Reality?

First there was the McCain ad comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. In addition, the McCain campaign mocked Obama for his suggestion that people inflate their car tires to the recommended pressure.

Then Obama responded with a deft application of humor.

Now Paris Hilton has responded as well. And the funny thing is that she makes more sense than McCain. She's funnier, too (although that's setting the bar pretty low, I admit).

What a strange campaign this is...


Michael said...

I have yet to see anyone articulate what I believe to be the real reason behind the Britney/Paris ad.

Call me paranoid, but I believe this is completely deliberate, and has very little to do with either of those women or any legitimate discussion of policy. Go to youTube, and in the search box type the words "Obama" and "anti-christ". Look at the hundreds of thousands of page views and comments from the whackjobs who believe in the 'endtimes' scenario.

I am convinced the ad is a Rovian calculation; a coded warning to the fundamentalist so-called Christian base that twice voted for Bush - those Jesus Camp believers who are frightened to death of not only black people, but the actual idea that Obama is 'The Great Beast' as allegedly foretold in Revelations.

The first words in the ad are "He's the biggest celebrity in world..."

I guarantee you that is the purpose of this ad. Go to youTube. There are hundreds of thousands of 'believers'.

Sign Sans Signified said...


I’ve seen this idea expressed on other blogs, such as this one.

I wouldn’t put it past the McCain campaign to do that. I don’t think it’s the only message, however. Chris Bowers sees a list of messages embedded in that stupid video.

At American Street, Kevin Hayden sees a strategy targeting older white voters specifically with the message of inexperience.

This rings true to me because older voters are the most reliable voters; they also supported Hillary Clinton over Obama by a wide margin & are seen as more receptive to McCain. I guess if I were McCain (or one of his advisers) and looked at the overall electoral situation this year, I’d figure I had to gamble that older voters will turn out more than younger ones, aim at the former & pray a lot. What else can McCain do (I mean in terms of strategy, not tactics)? The vast majority of the public thinks things are going in the wrong direction, Dems are favored over the GOP (in the abstract), and everything’s been going to shit for the past 8 years.

Now the methods they’re using, needless to say, are despicable, & they completely invalidate McCain’s previous (carefully cultivated) reputation for integrity, etc. I hope he loses big & he & his advisers are boiled in oil.